"The Ultimate Workout" XBOX 360 Game, The Biggest Loser, Reviews

The Biggest Loser XBOX 360

"ULTIMATE WORKOUT" based from "The Biggest Loser" television series is a simulation game for the XBOX 360.  The game features 125 exercises, with personal challenges, and custom exercise routines. Regardless of your age, weight, or age, this game will motivate you to get in shape and stay in shape! Fun way to shed extra pounds.

Do you need the kinect to play "The Ultimate Workout"?

Yes, The Ultimate Workout uses the motion control capabilities of the Kinect.

Customization : What really makes this game great is the ability to tailor the game to fit your exercise goals and capabilities. You can custom design your own workout without ever picking up a controller!

In the game, Allison Sweeney is the host and features The Biggest Loser trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. You can custom choose different environments such as The Biggest Loser ranch, gym, yoga area, boxing ring, and more.

The workouts feature warm up exercises, cool downs, cardio boxing, and core exercises to really help you max out your workouts.  When you create your customized fitness program you choose from many different preset fitness programs.

Some of the exercises allow you to use resistance bands, free weights, and stability balls (you have to purchase these separately and doesn't come with the  XBOX 360 game).

"The Ultimate Workout" comes with a brand new 50 recipe cookbook from "The Biggest Loser".

"The Ultimate Workout" features
  • 2-4 player XBOX Live support.
  • Body Analyzer Auto Scan
  • Video Diary
  • Character Customization Options
  • Calorie Counters
  • Challenges
  • Diet Tips
  • Personalized Training - Target your goals using the Kinect motion sensors. Full dynamic workout that will monitor your progress and change to meet your future exercise goals.
  • Ability to build Online communities and to participate in weekly "The Biggest Loser" challenges.
  • Healthy recipe cookbook
  • 30 day free trial to "The Biggest Loser" Club.
  • Records Your Progress - When you see the progress that you are making, it motivates you to come back for more and more workouts until you meet your weightloss and/or fitness goals!

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