Dr. Oz, Konjac Root Fiber, Raspberry Ketones, White Kidney Bean Extract

Are you having trouble losing weight but not having success finding a successful strategy? After watching the Dr. Oz show, I plan on conducting an experiment using supplements that he endorsed on today's show. The supplements that he endorsed are Konjac Root Fiber, Rasberry Ketones, and L-Carnitine! After researching the supplements, this is what I found :

Konjac Root Fiber

On today's Dr. Oz show a woman came out holding a bottle of "Konjac Root Fiber". I have never heard of this, but it sounded quite compelling. It is a potent dietary fiber that can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water! The fiber is actually called "Glucomannan, which is extracted from the Konjac root. It has been proven to slow down the rise in your blood sugar after meals, support healthy cholesterol levels, and speed up metabolism.

Read more about Konjac Root Fiber or read customer reviews.  You can also order Konjac Root Fiber Shitaki "Miracle" Noodles!

White Kidney Bean Extract

I am very excited to try White Kidney Bean Extract. I found this White Kidney Bean supplement with 29 customer reviews! It works by slowing down the digestion of sugars by inhibiting an enzyme (alpha-amylase) from being absorbed by your body.

White Kidney Bean extract may help support your weight loss efforts and curb carbohydrate cravings.

I am a carbohydrate junkie and have trouble staying on low carb diets. Hopefully this supplement will help these cravings and I will finally reach my weight loss goals. Read these White Kidney Bean Extract Customer Reviews.

I plan to post my progress in the future, so stay tuned!

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones increase lipolysis (breakdown of fat cells), and is said to increase focus, attentiveness, and decreases your appetite! Sounds good to me!

After doing some research I could not find any documented side affects. In animal (rat) studies, Raspberry Ketones helped prevent weight gain in mice that were fed high fat diets. The also maintained healthy blood triglyceride levels following fatty meals.

Read Customer Reviews on Raspberry Ketones Supplements

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