Vitamin D 3, Ten Cent Quick Fix Pill, Dr. Oz., Supplement

Vitamin D - Ten Cent Quick Fix Pill / Supplement

As Seen On The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz says that Vitamin D is the #1 "Super Supplement" pill to prevent more than 20 diseases! Without enough Vitamin D, Dr. Oz says that we are jeopardizing our health everyday.

He tested the studio audience and 62 percent of the audience had low levels of Vitamin D!! This was amazing to me. I always thought that you get plenty of Vitamin D just from going out in the sun.

Dr. Oz stated that people with dark skin often have low levels of Vitamin D. African Americans are particularly at risk because they don't make enough Vitamin D when they go out in the sun.  He says that this super supplement will greatly reduce your risk for heart disease. The doctor that appeared on the show said that heart disease patients would go down 400,000 cases per year if people kept their D intake at a optimal levels.

The second lady from the audience that came up to the stage also had low levels of Vitamin D. Her family suffers from Parkinson Disease. Dr. Oz said that 75% of people with Parkinson's and Alzheimers had low levels of D.  The pills only cost 10 cents a piece. Definitely a small price to pay to increase your protection from such a devastating disease like Parkinson's.  He mentioned that Cod Liver Oil is also an excellent source of Vitamin D if you don't want to take the supplement form.

The third lady that came up to the stage also had low levels of Vitamin D. She was also African American. Her mother died from diabetes. Dr. Oz said that a D supplement would greatly reduce your risk of diabetes. Shitake mushrooms was recommended as a great food source for diabetics who want to raise their Vitamin D levels!

After watching the Dr. Oz show, it is a no brainer that everybody should be taking a Vitamin D supplement to greatly reduce your risk of disease and to improve your overall body of health! During his show he mentioned that you should choose the Vitamin D3 supplement form.

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