Dr. oz, Dried Kelp For Weight Loss, Aminophylline Cream, Retinol Cream

 Dr Oz's 5-11-2011 Show

Fight Against Cellulite

Kelp - Aminophylline Cream - Retinol Cream

Today's Dr. Oz show was a must see for anyone fighting cellulite. He talks about what remedies really work, and what you need to stay away from!

Dr. Oz explains that you have more control than what you think. Cellulite invades fat prone areas of your body as you get older. Cellulite forms with pockets of fat form up against the skin. Women are more susceptible because their skin is more thin and it is much more noticeable.  Dr. Oz reveals secret weapons in the fight against cellulite!

Dr. Rovenia Brock was a guest speaker on the show and she revealed some amazing remedies that will help in the fight against cellulite. Sugar, salt, and processed carbs are the "no-nos" fundamentals that most people are probably aware of.  You should limit these in your fight against cellulite.


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Dr. Rovenia explains that kelp is a type of seaweed that has a secret ingredient called flucoxanthin. The studies have shown that flucoxanthin is very effective at burning fat. It comes in dried strip form or in capsules. In dried strip form you can boil it and put it into soups and salads.  However you would need to eat a lot of it for weight loss benefits. You can also purchase it in capsule form to get the amounts needed to

Dried Kelp
Dried Kelp

Aminophylline Cream

Aminophylline Cream

Aminophylline Cream is a compound that is found in inhalable asthma inhaleers. It was researched and Dr. Oz said it got "Straight A's". It helps you burn fat in problem areas. you simply smooth it over your problem areas daily for best results.  Dr. Rovenia also suggested that you work on the inside of your body as well as the outside of your body.She

Retinol Cream

100% Retinol Cream

Retinol contains a type of vitamin A that attacks free radicals that break down collagen. When the collagen breaks down in your skin, it becomes thinner and weaker. Retinol cream stimulates collogen production. You want a cream that is 100 percent retinol.

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