Dr. Oz, Liquid Lash Extensions, Customer Reviews

Dr. Oz, Liquid Lash Extensions

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As Seen on Dr. Oz

If you watched today's (May 27th, 2011) Dr. Oz show you saw a participant from the audience have beautiful liquid lash extensions applied in just a few seconds. The application appeared to be easy and was very natural looking. Dr. Oz explains that you first apply a layer of mascara and then you apply the liquid lash extensions. He said that you can continue to add layers until you reach the desirable look.

Liquid lashes are very affordable and definitely worth a try. I am excited about trying this myself. I found them for between 7 and 20 dollars. In my book, that is cheap when you compare that to the inconvenience "non natural" look of fake eyelashes. The woman's eyelashes on Doctor Oz's show looked very natural.

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