Dr. Oz, Schizandra Berry Seeds, Extract Energy Supplement Capsules

Dr. Oz, Schizandra Berry Seeds, Extract Energy Supplement Capsules

Schizandra Berry extract - Liquid Drops

On today's Doctor Oz Show he talked about a supplement that has been used in China for thousands of years for enhanced focus, increased energy levels, and for insomnia..

You might ask yourself  "How can an herb increase your energy levels and also help you to fall asleep?" It effects seem rather contradictory.  Schizandra is and "adaptogenic" herb.  This means that it has a "balancing" action to your nervous system and it will keep your body in an optimum and ideally balanced state.

Schizandra Berry seeds are one of the most popular adaptogenic herbs used in chinese medicine. In Donald Yance Jr.s book Herbal Medicine, Healing, and Cancer he states that Schizandra increases mental and physical exercise capabilities. It stimulates the central nervous system without the jittery effects that the caffeine from coffee can give you.

Not only is Schizandra Berry great for the enhanced focus and increased energy, it also shows promise for additional health benefits. Dr. Sheldon Saul Hendler's Book "Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia" states that studies have shown that Schizandra Berry may help treat people with liver disorders.

The Chinese call Schizandra Berry the "five flavored seed". It is because it has a sour, sweet, bitter, acrid, and salty. Luckily, you can get supplements to take rather than to eat the berries. Im very interested in trying Shizandra Berry because my body reacts poorly with caffeine from coffee, so I'm pretty sluggish throughout the mornings. Hopefully this will give me the energy boost that I need without that jittery feeling that coffee gives me.

Schizandra Berry Seeds Supplement

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