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The New Dukan Diet - Four Phases

As Seen on the 5-02-2011 Dr. Oz Show

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On Dr. Oz today, he talked about the new Dukan Diet that is sweeping the nation. It has already swept through France, European countries, and now America!  It is similar to the Atkins diet, (low carb) but you aren't allowed to eat unlimited amounts of fat like you can on Atkins.

On the Dr. Oz show today he spoke to several doctors. The doctors talked about safety, feeling full on a diet, and future eating behavior.

Dr. Oz says that that the diet comes in four phases : The attack phase (you can eat as much lean protein as you want. You can also have some non fat alternatives such as non fat yogurt, and oat bran). This period lasts one week. Dr. Dukan says that you will lose up to ten pounds during this week! Your body will go into ketosis and burn fat for energy. The doctor on the show said that it is safe for 10 days. One doctor said to be cautious because that it can raise your uric acid during this first phase and cause dehydration.

The woman who came on stage to show as an example lost 13 pounds in the first phase!

The next phase is called the "The cruise phase" : Same as the first phase, but you can now add non starchy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, etc... You can add these vegetables during every other day during the diet. You stay on this phase until you meet your target weight.

Phase 3 is called the consolidation phase : Dr. Oz says this is where other diets fail. This is when you start adding carbohydrates back into the diet. You are allowed two celebration meals a week. you can eat eat anything you want twice a week! Pizza, cheeseburgers, etc... He mentioned that you can't bing during your "celebration meals"

The fourth phase is called the stabilization phase : One day a week you have to eat nothing but protein. #2 you have to have oat bran everyday. #3 You are supposed to walk 20 minutes a day. The rest of the days of the week doctor Dukan says that you can eat whatever you want. The doctors had differing opinions on this. If you do gain weight during this phase you have to jump back to phase 2.

The three doctors on Dr. Oz's show rated the diet plan (on a 1-10 scale). The first doctor rated the diet as an 8. The second rated the diet as a 1. He didn't think it was healthy because yo yo diets are unhealthy. The third doctor rate the Dukan diet as a 5. She liked it because it was low fat, but didn't like the fruit restriction.

Dr. Oz's conclusion : It does give you rapid early weight loss. He also liked that it gives you long term management skills. He seemed to like the diet, but warns about the "celebration phase". He wants you to still eat in moderation during this phase. Overall Dr. Oz seemed to like this diet, because he says it's more important to take the weight off even if it means you lose some nutrients for a short time. Once you reach your target weight it is very important to keep it off. He also warned against "yo-yo" weight fluctuations.

With varying opinions on this diet from all the doctors on the show, maybe reading the book and seeing what the total diet is about in detail may be the best option. Finding out all the foods that you will be allowed to eat may be the best idea for everyone to make their own educated decision.

Want to see what you can eat on the Dukan Diet?

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