Seabuckthorn, Weight Loss, Wrinkles Dr. Oz 6/02/2011 Show

Seabuckthorn For Weight Loss on the Dr. Oz 6/02/2011 Show

Seabuckthorn has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine for health purposes. However, on the Dr. Oz 6/02/2011 show it was featured as a very promising weight loss "miracle berry". Seabuckform can be purchased as a juice drink, an oil, and as a a supplement (softgel capsules).

According to Dr. Oz, Sea Buckthorn is effective in protecting the body in various ways. It has been shown to protect against heart disease, skin conditions, and even wrinkles.

Sea Buckthorn For Weight Loss

Dr. Oz mentioned a very interesting study on mice and maintaining healthy weight levels. One group of mice were given Seabuckthorn, while the other group didn't have any supplementation to their diet. Both groups were then given very high calorie diets. The group given Seabuckthorn maintained a healthy weight, while the untreated group gained immense amounts of weight.

Seabuckthorn capsules

60 Softgels - 100% Natural

Seabuckthorn oil

Seabuckthorn Oil

Great for wrinkles. Dr. Oz said to rub some oil underneath the eyes once each day.

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