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What is Kelp?
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Kelp is a large seaweed that is in the brown algae family. Kelp grows underwater in shallow parts of the ocean. Kelp requires nutrient rich water, and grows very quickly. (up to a a half meter per day).

Considering the kelp is iodine rich, it helps people with hypothyroid ailments. They thyroid gland needs iodine to make vital hormones of the human body. It can also be used to stimulate the metabolism which is also controlled by the thyroid gland. Other uses are for people with poor digestion, constipation, and gas.

Due to the recent concerns about radiation exposure, Icelandic Kelp has become very popular and many stores throughout the country are currently out of iodine supplements. You can purchase Kelp natural iodine in the form of drops, and tablets such as these.

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