Torn and I feel Numb, Painful Wounds Poem


Can’t tell how I feel
Is this numb?
Or is this so painful that I am unable to feel?

In such a twisted time as this,
I wish the whole world could fade away
Leave me all alone for once
To leave me running in the rain

Droplets fall, trying to break in
Break past all the lies I’ve stored within
They feel so small, so insignificant
But they make me scream
And I try to run

Just become a fading figure, a lonely shadow
In this haunted avenue of broken hearts
I hear the echo of my dark heart beating
But the real sound is gone forever
Now it’s reduced to a celestially shattered existence

Eternal promises fading to grey
My eyes drop down to the pavement where the broken lay
Frozen in horror, they cannot cry
Not after their eyes have been cried out dry

I try to run from what I realize I have become
Running from myself, to make the past undone
My only purpose is to get back who I was,
To hide from my nightmare of bleeding apathy

But I cannot forget the floods of pain
Just as my wrists are forever shamed
The wounds I have felt have left jagged scars

But nothing has ever really been healed
All the tears I’ve cried could fill an ocean
If only I could wash away those salty waves on a dawn bight day
But there’s no way I can get rid of these invisible stains
Maybe I can simply cry my heart dead and carry it away
- Christina

Relationship Quotes

relationship quotes
 Relationship Quotes

Today I'm going to post some of my favorite quotes that I have found. Relationships can send us on an emotional roller coaster, and sometimes a wise quote can help you look at your relationship from a different perspective. Most often we let our emotions overwhelm us, especially when you have a broken heart, or you are having relationship trouble. Love........ Just another one of those four letter words....

Relationship Quotes

  • Don't smother each other. Nobody can grow in the shade - Quote written by Leo Buscaglia
  • Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand - Emily Kimbrough
  • Assumptions are the termites of relationships - Henry Wrinkler
  • Lust is easy - Love is Hard - Like is most important - Carl Reiner
  • Sometimes you have to know someone really well, to realize that you are really strangers - Mary Tyler Moore
  • I like her because she smiles at me and really means it! - Anonymous
  • We have a strange and wonderful relationship - he's strange and I'm wonderful. - Mike Ditka
  • Never assume that the guy understands that you and he have a relationship.
  • Love is saying "I feel differently" other than "your wrong". - Anonymous
  • Love is a game that two can play and both win! - Eva Gabor
  • I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow - Edmond Rostand
  •  Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling as the brain empties - Jules Renard
  • It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company - George Washington
  • Love is like a butterfly, it may land on you when you least expect it - Anonymous
  • Only love and death will change all things - Khalil Gibran
  •  Take away love, and our earth is a tomb - Robert Browning

Astaxanthin, Powerful Anti Oxidant As Seen On Dr. Oz Show, Drops, Supplements

Astaxanthin - The Most Powerful Anti Oxidant Ever Found!

 As Seen On The Dr. OZ Show

On Wednesday Dr. Oz talked about one of the most powerful anti oxidants in the World called Astaxanthin. It is becoming known for giving miraculous benefits to the human body. Internally, as well as externally. 

Astaxanthin is reported as being the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered. On Dr. Oz's show they said that it is 500 times more powerful than vitamin E!! Research has discovered that Astaxanthin benefits the immune system, reduces inflammation, decreases damage to DNA, and greatly benefits the immune system. It also has been shown to provide and internal sunscreen protection. When you apply it externally to the skin it is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin form sunlight damage and premature signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging under the eyes.

Everyone wants to stay and look young for as long as possible. Astaxanthin may be the closest supplement we can take that compares to the elusive "fountain of youth."

Buy Tria Home System Hair Removal System,Dr. Oz,Reviews

Tria, Gentlemax Hair Removal Home System

As Seen On Dr. Oz Television Show for $495

Do you have unwanted hair that you want to have permanently removed? In the past, the laser hair removal cost 1000's of dollars and would take 4-8 sessions to permantly remove all the hair from your body. The procedure would entail some pain along with blisters, and could only be performed on people with pale skin and dark hair. Now, with the Tria Gentlemax Hair Removal System you can permanently remove hair in the comfort of your own home!

As Seen On The Dr. Oz Television Show
Dr. Oz fully endorses this product and says that it can save you A LOT of money because you have to have at least 6 different sessions in an office (costing 400-1000) to permanently remove unwanted hair.

How The Tria Works
The Tria Home Hair Removal System has a small head (approximately 1/4 inch). It is a pulsed iode laser which is superior to pulsed light lasers. It works best on people with fair to medium skin with darker hair. The dark hair absorbs the light from the laser and heats up. This damages the follicle and after several treatments the treated follicles will no longer grow hair!

Read the review of 56 customers who have bought The Tria Home Hair Removal System

Permanent Hair Removal - Dr. Oz - FDA Approved, Reviews

As Seen On Dr. Oz - Permanent Hair Removal

Gentlemax - Tria At Home Laser Removal System

Dr Oz: Hair Removal

If you happened to view Dr. Oz's permanent hair removal treatment segment on television, you saw the latest breakthrough in removing unwanted hair. Dr. Oz had on Dr. Ann Chapas, who is a dermatologist and specializes in hair removal.

Dr. Chapas demonstrated the Gentlemax hair removal laser on a woman who said she had too much unwanted hair on her arms and legs. She explained how the Gentlemax laser was a combination of two lasers and that it could treat dark hair on any color of skin. In the past, laser treatment was only effective on pale skin.

The Gentlemax is used by placing the end of the Gentlemax laser on the skin. A beam of light heats the root of the the hair follicles and eventually disables any future growth. The treatment is not painful. The woman on Dr. Oz who was receiving the treatment barely felt any discomfort at all. For your legs you should have a treatment done every 8-12 weeks, and for your face or lip you should have a treatment done once a month for up to 6 months. After this time you will be smooth and hair free!

The laser treatment costs between $200 and 1000 dollars per session.
treatment worked.

Dr Oz: Tria At-Home Laser Hair Removal System - Customer Reviews

 In case that you don't want to have the Gentlemax Laser treatment, there is also an option of permanently removing unwanted hair from your very own home. It is called Tria At Home Laser Hair Removal System.  It is FDA approved and its very similar in effectiveness as the in office Gentlemax Laser treatment. The at home treadment is only FDA approved to be used on your body, unlike the Gentlemax which can be used on your face as well. The Tria at home treatment should only be used on fair to medium skin. The Tria scans your skin and it determines if your skin tone is safe for treatment.

The Tria Laser Hair Removal treatment costs $495 to permanently remove your unwanted hair. Definitely a cheaper alternative than in office hair removal laser systems which take up to 6 treatments to effectively remove hair permanently.  Read Tria Hair Removal Systems 56 Reviews

Earthquake in Japan Relief T-Shirts - Help, Proceeds Donated To

 Earthquake in Japan Relief T-Shirts

The earthquake in Japan just makes my heart sick. I don't have much to give the Japan relief effort but I wanted to do something. I found a site that gives portions of the proceeds that they receive from these Earthquake in Japan Relief T-shirts to the American Red Cross Japan Relief effort. They are donating 10 percent of sales to the American Red Cross.

The Japan Relief t-shirts only cost $15.00 so you will get a 100% beautiful cotton tee and $1.50 of that will be sent to the American Red Cross. If you would like to reach out and make a small contribution, then this would be a wonderful way to do it. The t-shirts are pre shrunk and come in red, blue, black, white, green, or gray (you decide). They are really nice looking tees that will spread awareness about the tragedy in Japan and a small donation on your behalf will be sent to the American Red Cross. There are dozens of different styles to choose from.

Hope For Japan

Buy This T-Shirt and the company will pay 10% of the proceeds to the American Red Cross Relief Effort.

Hope For Japan Tee

Get a great tee and know that you have played a part in helping the relief efforts.  Every little donation helps.

View all of the Earthquake in Japan Relief T-Shirts Available. There are dozens to choose from for men and women! Read more about how the relief fund works.

Cheaper Alternatives To IOSAT Potassium Iodide / Iodine Tablets?

IOSAT Potassium Iodide / Iodine has skyrocketed in price since the Japanese nuclear meltdown tragedy. There have been some reports that there could be shortages of Potassium Iodide in the US. I'm not sure if this is true, but steep upward incline in IOSAT Potassium Iodide is staggering. Many families simply can't afford to pay so much money.

Are there cheaper alternatives to IOSAT?

Shop, and / or buy cheaper alternatives than IOSAT Potassium Iodide / Iodine Tablets

IOSAT Potassium Iodide is the only FDA approved drug that is available to the public to block radiation and radioactive iodine from being absorbed into the thyroid. Radioactive iodine is highly cancerous. In the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, people who received Potassium Iodide had far fewer incidences of thyroid cancer in the years following the incident.

IOSAT is what is distributed to nuclear facilites, to soldiers, and supposed to be issued to citizens during times of nuclear fallout disasters. How long it would take the government to have them issued is another issue altogether.

You can order cheaper alternatives than IOSAT. Is it as effective? I'm not sure anybody can answer that right now because, IOSAT is a drug that is regulated by the FDA. All of the alternatives are sold as "supplements" and are not monitered or regulated. The alternatives are much cheaper (some only cost around 7 dollars), and may be more feasible for families. You can buy Potassium Iodide (Iodine) drops, tablets, capsules, and pills.

Another cheaper alternative to IOSAT is Kelp Iodine tablets. Kelp is very high in iodine and this may provide significant benefits. I am not a doctor, but I do know that 10 dollars is a much cheaper alternative than what IOSAT is selling for.

It has been reported on television that iodized salt will not help if you are exposed to radiation. Kelp tablets, iodine drops and tablets that are sold as a "supplement" may be the cheapest alternative to IOSAT Iodide tablets.

Recommended Potassium Iodine Doses, Infants, Children, Adults

Recommended Potassium Iodide Doses According To WHO (World Health Organization)

To protect against radiation poisoning, and to block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by your thyroid gland the World Health Organization suggests

• Adults : 130 mg 

• Adolescents: 12-18: WHO -- adult dose; CDC -- children's dose; if adult size (150 pounds or over) they should take the full adult dose, regardless of their age.
• Children age 3-12 years: 65 mg

• Infants : 1 mo. to 3 years, 32. 25 mg (ie half tablet)
• Newborns to 1 mo., 1/4 capsule.


The majority of people can take Potassium Iodine (Iodide) without any problems, but it should only be taken during emergencies. Every household should have a supply for emergencies however. You should only take one dose per day. If you are sensitve to iodine or have kidney problems you should contact a physician before taking  Potassium Iodine.

Other supplements that may be protective are Vitamin D and Vitamin K because the support apoptosis, which is appropriate programmed death of cells that accumulate from DNA errors due to radiation. Vitamin D also helps support DNA repair. Vitamin D is totally safe, so you might as well error on the safe side.

To Sum Things Up

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has admitted that radiation from the Japan nuclear reactors could reach America, although the levels should be low. Considering that this situation is unprecedented all household should have Potassium Iodine on hand for now, and for any future events! To just have blind faith that this couldn't happen again is naive.

Buy Your Iodine Tablets Here! Only 5 dollars for 250 tablets! CHEAPEST place to buy your supplements