Torn and I feel Numb, Painful Wounds Poem


Can’t tell how I feel
Is this numb?
Or is this so painful that I am unable to feel?

In such a twisted time as this,
I wish the whole world could fade away
Leave me all alone for once
To leave me running in the rain

Droplets fall, trying to break in
Break past all the lies I’ve stored within
They feel so small, so insignificant
But they make me scream
And I try to run

Just become a fading figure, a lonely shadow
In this haunted avenue of broken hearts
I hear the echo of my dark heart beating
But the real sound is gone forever
Now it’s reduced to a celestially shattered existence

Eternal promises fading to grey
My eyes drop down to the pavement where the broken lay
Frozen in horror, they cannot cry
Not after their eyes have been cried out dry

I try to run from what I realize I have become
Running from myself, to make the past undone
My only purpose is to get back who I was,
To hide from my nightmare of bleeding apathy

But I cannot forget the floods of pain
Just as my wrists are forever shamed
The wounds I have felt have left jagged scars

But nothing has ever really been healed
All the tears I’ve cried could fill an ocean
If only I could wash away those salty waves on a dawn bight day
But there’s no way I can get rid of these invisible stains
Maybe I can simply cry my heart dead and carry it away
- Christina

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