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Tria, Gentlemax Hair Removal Home System

As Seen On Dr. Oz Television Show for $495

Do you have unwanted hair that you want to have permanently removed? In the past, the laser hair removal cost 1000's of dollars and would take 4-8 sessions to permantly remove all the hair from your body. The procedure would entail some pain along with blisters, and could only be performed on people with pale skin and dark hair. Now, with the Tria Gentlemax Hair Removal System you can permanently remove hair in the comfort of your own home!

As Seen On The Dr. Oz Television Show
Dr. Oz fully endorses this product and says that it can save you A LOT of money because you have to have at least 6 different sessions in an office (costing 400-1000) to permanently remove unwanted hair.

How The Tria Works
The Tria Home Hair Removal System has a small head (approximately 1/4 inch). It is a pulsed iode laser which is superior to pulsed light lasers. It works best on people with fair to medium skin with darker hair. The dark hair absorbs the light from the laser and heats up. This damages the follicle and after several treatments the treated follicles will no longer grow hair!

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