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Dr Oz: Hair Removal

If you happened to view Dr. Oz's permanent hair removal treatment segment on television, you saw the latest breakthrough in removing unwanted hair. Dr. Oz had on Dr. Ann Chapas, who is a dermatologist and specializes in hair removal.

Dr. Chapas demonstrated the Gentlemax hair removal laser on a woman who said she had too much unwanted hair on her arms and legs. She explained how the Gentlemax laser was a combination of two lasers and that it could treat dark hair on any color of skin. In the past, laser treatment was only effective on pale skin.

The Gentlemax is used by placing the end of the Gentlemax laser on the skin. A beam of light heats the root of the the hair follicles and eventually disables any future growth. The treatment is not painful. The woman on Dr. Oz who was receiving the treatment barely felt any discomfort at all. For your legs you should have a treatment done every 8-12 weeks, and for your face or lip you should have a treatment done once a month for up to 6 months. After this time you will be smooth and hair free!

The laser treatment costs between $200 and 1000 dollars per session.
treatment worked.

Dr Oz: Tria At-Home Laser Hair Removal System - Customer Reviews

 In case that you don't want to have the Gentlemax Laser treatment, there is also an option of permanently removing unwanted hair from your very own home. It is called Tria At Home Laser Hair Removal System.  It is FDA approved and its very similar in effectiveness as the in office Gentlemax Laser treatment. The at home treadment is only FDA approved to be used on your body, unlike the Gentlemax which can be used on your face as well. The Tria at home treatment should only be used on fair to medium skin. The Tria scans your skin and it determines if your skin tone is safe for treatment.

The Tria Laser Hair Removal treatment costs $495 to permanently remove your unwanted hair. Definitely a cheaper alternative than in office hair removal laser systems which take up to 6 treatments to effectively remove hair permanently.  Read Tria Hair Removal Systems 56 Reviews

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