Recommended Potassium Iodine Doses, Infants, Children, Adults

Recommended Potassium Iodide Doses According To WHO (World Health Organization)

To protect against radiation poisoning, and to block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by your thyroid gland the World Health Organization suggests

• Adults : 130 mg 

• Adolescents: 12-18: WHO -- adult dose; CDC -- children's dose; if adult size (150 pounds or over) they should take the full adult dose, regardless of their age.
• Children age 3-12 years: 65 mg

• Infants : 1 mo. to 3 years, 32. 25 mg (ie half tablet)
• Newborns to 1 mo., 1/4 capsule.


The majority of people can take Potassium Iodine (Iodide) without any problems, but it should only be taken during emergencies. Every household should have a supply for emergencies however. You should only take one dose per day. If you are sensitve to iodine or have kidney problems you should contact a physician before taking  Potassium Iodine.

Other supplements that may be protective are Vitamin D and Vitamin K because the support apoptosis, which is appropriate programmed death of cells that accumulate from DNA errors due to radiation. Vitamin D also helps support DNA repair. Vitamin D is totally safe, so you might as well error on the safe side.

To Sum Things Up

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has admitted that radiation from the Japan nuclear reactors could reach America, although the levels should be low. Considering that this situation is unprecedented all household should have Potassium Iodine on hand for now, and for any future events! To just have blind faith that this couldn't happen again is naive.

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