Where Can I buy / order Potassium Iodine Pills,Tablets, Drops Online?

Where Can I buy Potassium Iodine Pills, Tablets, or Liquid Drops Online?

With the recent Tsunami tragedy in Japan and the resulting radiation leaks, the public has grown quite concerned about possible radiation exposure.

What precautions should you take to help limit possible radiation exposure? Potassium Iodine pills, tablets, or liquid drops can keep your thyroid gland from absorbing radiation. This is very important, because after the Chernobyl disaster years ago, we have learned that radiation exposure can cause thyroid cancer. When you consume Potassium Iodine your thyroid gland quickly absorbs the iodine until it is full. When they Thyroid is "full" it will not absorb radiation and radiation short and long term harmful effects will be less likely to occur.

Many suppliers are already out of stock, or are in short supply. Order soon before it's too late and there will be back orders causing significant delays!

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