Fallen Angel Poem

Fallen Angel

Tonight I looked up to the sky
And saw a fallen angel about to die
The broken wings the dreams destroyed
Wounded plunging to the void

This angel saw his child's fears
The mothers pain the tears of years
Night terror's screams punctuate the night
His caged monsters coming out to fight

Perhaps it was they never let him feel
That joy and pain are both as real
Human feelings so repressed
Must find some space to be expressed

She loves him more than he ever knew
Touched her heart as other men rarely do
The future dreams the barn owl flies
I saw it all within his eyes

The perfect week, the perfect touch
Was it possible to have this much?
The future book a shared life together
I wanted to be with you forever

Laughter joy and burning fires
Your skin our touch my deep desires
Fulfilled beyond erotic dreams
But the wheel can turn or so it seems

Words spoken by an angel's feather
Spelt arousing stimulation together
This angel's heart is wounded too
She yearns for love having never met you

So sad that everything has come to this
An injured angel descends to the abyss
True intimacy theres always shared
Revelations from our souls are bared

The poet's seraph his heart must catch
A red haired, blond or raven match
Now her wings can heal her heart set free
I wonder how many fallen angels will there be?


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