Inner Peace Poems


Looking deep within to find that place of peace
Opening up your heart to expose nothing but the truth
Vulnerable feelings flow as you find out more and more
Every day a challenge as another layer removed

Lying to your self in past that everything is fine
Oblivious for years the damage caused deep inside
Voids filled with empty promises and broken dreams
Empty spaces filled with substance that masks the pain

Living day to day but afraid to go deep inside
Of all the hurts and pain you wish to just ignore
Vivid images, emotions all overwhelming and raw
Effects from all the years of constant disregard

Laying on the mat breathing as I feel
One emotion after another flows through my veins
Very intense feelings all rapidly released
Every time I stand mix feelings of exhaustion and exhilaration

Love your self finally has meaning
Owning your destiny finally makes sense
Voids finally fulfilled with feelings of acceptance
Each day is a journey of seeking our inner peace

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