Heartless Pain

Heartless Pain - How Can You

How can you?

How can you believe the smile on my face

When you can clearly see the pain in my eyes

How can you just sit there not saying anything

When you know how much I've cried

How can you be so heartless

When you know you caused my pain

How can you say it's not your fault

When you know you're the one to blame

How can you say you're sorry

When you know those words are empty

How can you pretend like nothing happened

When you know you were the world to me

How can you just stop caring

When you seemed to care so much

How can you put this in your past

When you know I long for your touch

How can you let it all go so easily

When you know what we have gone through

How can you just walk away

When you know that I still love you

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