Playing Games With A Broken Heart

I’m still waiting...

You will never know how bad you've hurt me.

I couldn't begin to tell you if I tried.

You played with my emotions.

Put my heart on a roller coaster ride.

I hate this pain you've put me through.

Wanna say I hate you even more.

I just can't seem to shake these memories.

My heart in shattered pieces on the floor.

My past with you I wanna forget.

The memories I wish I never gained.

All those things I want to let go of.

But the sad truth it still remains.

I gave you everything I had to give.

Can't be the someone who I'm not.

Too bad I was too blind to see.

Your game I should have caught.

Now I'm left here wondering.

Why you played me for so long.

Why, couldn't you just make up your mind.

All the time I wasted on you... gone...

Again I sit alone crying.

All those thoughts I'm left debating.

They say that time heals everything...

but I'm still waiting.

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