I Feel Like I'm Dying Inside


I think you’ll tell me when I’m dying,

Because when I lose my breath,

That’s my ending.

You’ll never get to meet me.

You’ll never hear me talking.

You’ll never stop calling.

Just to hear my voice.

I know that you liked me,

but You sounded like you don’t.

I don’t need to worry because it’s me who’s dying,

And I won’t be crying.

For the people I love mostly,

Soon are going to leave me.

I am what I want to be.

It’s just that time passes by so quickly.

I didn’t have a moment to say something,

Which really meant nothing.

So here I am lying on the soft coffin,

Ready to be carried to the grave.

I don’t remember if I’ve committed any sins,

Because for now, I need to be brave.

I don’t care what people say,

I just carried out my own ways.

Soon I’ll start closing my eyes,

And the world will turn dark.

So dark my eyes can’t see,

I just want to be free.

I don’t want people to hate me,

For who I am not for what I am.

They thought life would be easy,

But it would turn the other way round.

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