Do You Feel Me Now? ( Hearbreak Poetry )

"Do you feel me now?"

Please, do you feel me now?
Loneliness and sorrows
pulling me down,
so way down low

Heal my heart,
beating so weak
and struggling to
live out my life..
cause' no one's loved
me like you did

Now if you could only
read my mind love,
then you'll surely know
what I'm thinking of

And if you feel
the same as i do,
then turn around
and come to me now

Hear me out,
and fill my emotions
I've locked in this
silly song of mine
cause' you know I'm really
missing you that bad.

Please free your soul
from the bondages
of uncertainty.
I know you want
to be with me now

And if you could only
reach my hand love,
then hold on tight
and I won't let you go,
cause' I have given all
of myself to you
now it's your time
to make your move tonight.

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