I've Had Enough Poems - So This Is How It's Going To Be?

So this is how it's gonna be?

For the longest time I've cradled what we used to have
I've regarded you're memories within my own
I've kindled my fleeting emotions quietly
Hoping someday our hearts will choose to entwine again

But now..it's just about ENOUGH.
It's so clear now..
That I can't see a trace of that person
that I used to love in you
And you will NEVER be that same person again

It's such a shame that I held on to this for so long
Blinded by a foolish sentimentality
That someday we can still go back to where we left off

For countless times now, you have brought me
the kind of pain that only you can bring
and countless times too, I find myself notwithstanding it all
knowing and feeling that no matter what you do
my heart will always have a space for you

But after years of being apart
I see that you have never changed your unrelenting ways
you will NEVER stop hurting me
you will NEVER stop toying with my feelings
you will NEVER stop your pretentious ways towards me
unless I make you to..

So now,

silently and slowly I will be gone from your life COMPLETELY
just as you will be gone from mine.

And I promise you this time around.

I will NEVER look back


Maila Bonavente

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