Crying + Regret

Thank you for your poem Delilah. Most relationships that we have in our life will eventually leave us with a broken heart until we finally find our true love. It's hard not to feel Delilah's pain, regret, and her broken heart that is crying out to a lost relationship that may possibly be forever lost.

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by:Delilah Fuentes

I know I promised I'd never make you cry;
I know it hurts, but please dry your eyes.

I will give you whatever you need;
A hug, A kiss, just tell me please.

To see you cry is a terrible sight;
Just let me love you and hold you tight.

I'll do anything you want to make you proud;
I'll climb the highest peek and scream your name out loud.

I love you too much to see you cry;
Please don't say goodbye.

Don't push me away, I must stay near;
To gently wipe away your tears.

If we must truly say goodbye;
One more time just close your eyes.

And let us share one final kiss;
For you are the love I will forever miss.!!

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