Somebody sent me this anonymous poem. It's about letting go of relationship and moving on. Moving on can be very heart breaking when your heart hasn't yet let go. Thanks for submitting your poems that we all can enjoy. Keep your original poetry that you would like to be submitted coming! Send your poetry to


Even If

Even if I still love you today
Even if I so much need you to stay
Even if I still want you to be mine
Even if I so much need you to be fine

Even if a life without you is death
Even if your heartbeat is my breath
Even if I'm terribly missing you
Even if I pray for a hope anew

If your heart changed and your love is gone
I must say goodbye 'cause I'm not the one
Who'll hold your heart as tight as you held mine
who's destined by God for your love so divine

I must accept the fact that you're not mine
And in your life I must take off the line
I must let you go and set you free
For now I know your heart's not with me

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