Broken Heart Poem by Aaron McClain

Broken Heart Photo
Here is a poem that was submitted that I found intriguing. When do you walk away, when do you move on, and when do you hold on? When does the heartache go away? It appears as if the author was struggling with these exact emotions in their relationship when this poem was written.

Broken Heart Poem

Love is like an hour glass.
For she is just a lonely lass.
You try to resist but to no avail.
The tears refuse to fail.

He walks away without one word.
You sit there quietly reveling in what you heard.
You tell yourself you don't need him.
Then you realize he was all you had.

You lose it all.
Then you hear him call.
You try to find him.
But, he is no where to be found.

Submitted By,

-Aaron McLain

Thanks Aaron for your broken heart poem. Nicely written. If anybody would like to have their own relationship, love, or broken hearted poem please send them to Let me know if you would like to have your name listed as the author, and if you would like to be able contacted with comments made by other readers.

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