Jessica's Pain - Heartfelt, Relationship, Pain

You can really feel the pain in this heartbreak poem submitted anonymously. Please leave your comment on this truly heartfelt poem sent in by a man with a broken heart.

Jessica’s Pain

Jessica what you go and do, I did not see that one coming from you.
Don’t you know you just ripped my heart in two?
After all the pain you put me through, I can’t stand to see the sight of you.
My life’s biggest mistake was making puddles between us two.
You dug up my past and made me relive that too, just who do you think you are?
That sword you play with does not have one edge but two
Every time it cuts me it also cuts you.

I can’t believe you’re such a devious woman.
But when you’ve deceived yourself about whom you really are.
It must have been easy to deceive the one you said you loved.
Now you’re drowning in your own misery at least this time I won’t have to see.
Why did you not just leave me be, didn’t you see Kristin was meant for me.

You’re standing on the same path you’ve traveled many times before.
Looking for a man to change what your daddy did so poor.
Daddy’s love for his little girl is the one thing no man will ever be able to restore,
Yes that’s true, that pain hiding inside your heart: is what makes you, you.

So now if you would just go away, just stay away.
Maybe you should go to church and pray, not keep coming back to hurt me someway.
Is it fun for you breaking down my soul and discarding it so you can say.
I hurt him in the most brutal way, like daddy did to me that day.
So I’m going to make every man feel the same way, until I get even or it’s my last day.
Then my pain might go away, or I will go down on the next man and make my living that way.

But each time it multiplies in you, that double edged sword keeps cutting you in two.
When are you going to learn that hurting others?
Will only keep the hurt growing deep down inside of you.
You have to let go of that unbearable day when daddy came then went away.
You see it’s not me but you, for each day that you stay away, good karma keeps coming my way.
You’re not there to steal it from me, anyway.

Start using that mind God gave you, before your looks have totally gone away.
That hat you’re wearing is not hiding that your body is starting to decay.
From the hate you’ve kept hidden to this very day.
When you finely come face to face reliving those nightmares left inside.
You’ll regain your faith and find the future God planned for you.

I started this poem long ago; today I put an ending to it and am now letting all your pain go.
You’ve always known that I’ve been ashamed of you
Goodbye good luck just stay away, so I can move on to find my own way.
All I have left is to file a suit for the money that you owe.


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