Like A Thief In The Night

"Like A Thief in the Night"

From where did you come,
Your touch I did Like,
Like Dust on White gloves,
Like a thief in the night.

Your Eyes was burning with passion
you took my heart without fight,
not caring what we're risking or chancing,
you did it so fast like a thief in the night.

Your disguise was dark as the mysterious night,
Your carefree like a Greek Eric god of strife,
Taking our love to a perilous height,
You snatched it right back, Like a thief in the night.

Now I wonder where you might have gone,
Flown away like a string-less kite,
and your stolen kisses that I long,
A plagiarized love by "the thief in the night".

M.Michener 10/1989

Mike, thank you for your poetry submission.

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