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Complicated Love

Poem Submitted By: BluePhoenix1288

It all started from teases

At first I really didn’t care

My eyes weren’t on you

My heart did not belong to you

Then I saw your kindness

Your smile was the sweetest

Your eyes’ gentle caress

Caused me more to notice

Your care for me is incomparable

One I feared I couldn’t return

What you have for me was strong

I couldn’t deny it for long

My life’s rhythm has changed

The wheels have finally turned

I feel the same way you do

It pleases me but my heart aches too

My heart beats for you,

My heart belongs to you.

You are all mine

Yet sadly I am not yours.

Would it be selfish of me to love you still?

When I belong to someone else?

You know of this but you don’t care.

You said you’d love me in spite of him.

My heart rejoiced for nothing will change

We are still friends, I was assured

Knowing friendship won’t hinder

Our loving each other more than a friend would.

This is dedicated to Jemari Layese who is my friend and my love.

Thank you for everything. I will miss you for sure and when I die I hope you’ll miss me too. Maybe we are not meant for now. But like the sun and the moon during an eclipse, we will be. Someday the right time for our love will come. Our roads will cross again. Hopefully I’m free then to love you. Don’t forget me Jem ‘cause I won’t forget you. I love you.

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