Love and Reality Poems - Pain, Broken Heart, Memories


I didn’t get your call today, nor I won’t any day.
I’m just sitting here reminiscing of us with dismay.

My heart is still broken, I still feel the pain.
I just don’t understand, it was yours to claim.

You can’t forget the memories or the love that we shared.
The tattoos or how much you cared.

I wanna hate you so bad and hate you I should.
I still love you so much and never really could.

You lied to me and said that you’d always be real.
I also told you I wouldn’t lie, so I guess I didn’t keep up my part of the deal.

I miss you my love, I really do.
I never thought you’d do that, or be so untrue.

I really thought that you loved me and that you were the guy.
And that I would never again cry.

My love for you is so real; you can’t ever say it wasn’t true.
I just hope you realize how much I have and always will love you.

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