Heartbreak Poetry - Love, Pain, Separation, Sorrow, Hurt


Life is hard there is Heartbreak, there is sorrow
most of all there are tears.
Most of them are caused,
.......by you.

Every time we fight... Every time you leave...
I feel pain I feel sorrow.
Every time you leave me I cry.
You told me you loved me then you left.
You will never know how much.

Heartbreak you caused me,
or how many times i cried over you.
Every time you said "i love you" you fixed
The loneliness and pain i felt before you.

You said you loved everything about me.
You said you loved my faults and
the good things about me.
Every time I loved you. Every separation
caused a bigger and bigger hole
in my heart.

I thought love could fix every hole.
I thought you loved me.
I thought love was infinite,
But i was wrong.

Most of the time love causes pain,
But love can fix the pain...
But only temporarily.
I will never let you see how you hurt me,
And how much i loved you
Life is hard but love can make it easier
or so i thought...

By: Broken Heart4

If you have written poetry that has to do with love, pain, separation, sorrow, hurt, romance, or relationships, and would like them to be posted online please send them to heartloveaffair@yahoo.com

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