Inside I'm Dying - Cheating Poems

My names Erica Campbell, my boyfriend of 5 months cheated on me. I love him so much and even though he hurt me, I would do anything to have him back. Heres my poem;;

Your with her.
Im at home crying.
You tell me your sorry.
Inside I'm dying.

Your like a drug,
My only addiction.
I wish love was real
Not fantasy or fiction.

I'm not too good for you.
Theres no such thing.
Life without you.
just isn't the same.

I wish i was gone.
I can't take this pain.
It's like theres no blood
left in my vains.

I don't know what happened.
Everything seemed so good.
I wish we could fix it,
I misunderstood.

You changed me alot.
For better not for worse.
I hope you follow me
When I'm lying dead in a hearse.

Maybe then you will understand,
that were meant to be together.
Your thee perfect person.
Through all kinds of weather.

So you don't want to be with me?
Well I can't live with that.
That's thee reason i want to end my life,
as a matter of fact.

So when I get to heaven.
or maybe even hell.
I promise to watch over you,
and make sure all is well.

Poem written by Erica Campbell

Please let Erica know what your opinions are on this poem full of heartache, loss, and all the pain that comes along with a broken heart.

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