Do You Ever? Broken Heart Poem, Do You Miss Me?

Thanks Don for submitting this poem. You can really get a sense of your pain and hope it gets better soon. Broken hearts take a long time to heal. Good luck my friend.

Do you ever

Do you ever think of me
Do I ever cross your mind
Do you know you meant the world to me
And will for all of time

Do you ever dream of me
Do you miss my warm embrace
Do you know I would do anything for you
Just to see your smiling face

Do you know how much I love you
Do you know I always will
Do you know how hard I try to please you
With everything I do

I miss your smile , I miss your laugh
I miss your sexy eyes
Your all I want my honeydew
From now till the end of time

I know that Im not perfect
Nor will I ever be
But it dont mean Im not trying
It a lot harder than it seems

So if you read this darling
I hope that you will see
My Love for you was genuine
Not just some fantasy !

Poem Written By Don

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