I Have A Few Things To Say To You! Hurt, Anger Poem

I Have A Few Things To Say To You!!

I have a few things to say to you!!
She yells as she slowly walks up to him
And tears fill here eyes
She breathes hard and let's out her pain

Wow really
Was that so necessary???
Did you need to hurt me so bad??
Did you need to tell me I was worthless??

Did you need to sit there yell and make me cry and then suddenly burst
out and laugh??
Did you need to say that you lied when you said you loved me??
Did you really need need to waste these past three years of my life??

Why did it have to end like this??
Why did you have to be so fake??
Why did you have to leave me for dead???
You were always on my mind

You ruled my thought
You were the reason behind my smiles
You were the reading behind my life my happiness

And now
Your so unlegit
Your the reason behind my pain
Your the reason behind my tears

Your the reason behind my heartbreak
Your the reason behind my lost faith
*sigh* *and with that said she hangs her head and walks away*

This Poem of anger and heartache was written by Diana

Thanks Diana, can you feel the bitterness, and anger in Diana's poem? Sometimes its good to vent out your anger in a poem. Harmless way to release your pain, and a much better alternative than releasing your hurt in a physical realm.

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