Fear, Will, and God - Loss, and Pain Poem

Poetry Logs

This poem was written by Chad Boone

"some kind of mystery, pulsing in my chest
A strange kind of agony that only I seem to embrace
Here in my mind, my cell of tears keeps me standing
This box of pain has become my heart

A fortress with ultimate defenses
I ask...can it be defeated...
Blow the horns dear God and let the walls tumble down

I hear the call from friends,
I hear the plea of loved ones,
Turn back..take this path...

Its a fear of something far greater then loss...
Perhaps of never having it again
That perception of love, real or perceived
It was real, but God says no.

Stop loving this person, and so my soul erupts
Tearing against my will to do what is true
I bow my head like a defeated samari awaiting his fate
When will I submit, when will I run to my God."

Thanks Chad. Please send all of your poems to heartloveaffair@yahoo.com to be published online.

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