Do You Know What It's Like To Want To Die?

Do You Know What It's Like To Want To Die - Poem Submitted By Diana

Know what it's like to want to die? When your dead tired and weak and
when you fall on your knees you try to get back up so you don't look
so pathetic and weak...any yet through it all you've learned not to cry?
Am I soulless?
Just maybe perhaps!

Do you know what it's like when you yourself know that your a damn
shame and a fucking waste of space and even then you lift your head
and keep it held high?
Then I grew up!
But only just enough...

And one day you hear about this thing called love and you go and
search for it everyday but everyday is another disappointment?​ How
they made love seem was never like this...maybe they just forgot to
mention the pain the tears and all my heart breaks!
And yet I never give up on it!
But why?

And with every simple passing of the wind your faith is taken from you
once more? Then you come to a point when you stop looking for it!!!
To live, to live..
it's my life!
I need to live!!!
But when your reasons to live start to slowly fade away and when you
start forgetting why you you breathe, that speacial person comes into
view and suddenly you have a million more reasons to live?

Ahhhh hope.
My hope!
I am hope.
And when that pain you held within your chest makes it hard for you to
live to breathe to smile he looks at you, that speacial person, smiles
and hugs you all that pain subsides and goes away. Do you know what
it's like for him to become the rythym and the pulse of your heart?
For his heart and your heart to beat together in sync!

My loneliness
That feeling of despair!
When he leaves your heart bursts open and starts to bleed! And
everything he made you forget and all the pain he took away all fly
back into my heart! And all those smiles, hugs, and all that love
bleed out of the cut that left my heart in two

Time heals
Or not?
Because that cut refuses to heal and it leaves you to bleed out his
love! When he left he took the best part of you and he took your
soul :/ He takes you away from you...he takes the stars from your
night and the sun from your day and he leaves you bleeding on the
floor knowing what it's like to want to die!

-Poem Written By Diana

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