Broken Heart, Poem of Pain, Falling Apart

My Story- Poetry submitted by Nicole

Life is so detached that it is falling apart
Living each day with a broken heart,

Wondering will anyone notice my pain inside,
Worrying if I will ever find that perfect place to hide

How did it get to be this way
When will this feeling leave or will it stay

Who will be my crutch when times get too bad,
How will they know when I hide the fact that I am sad,

Does the pain stop because I can not take anymore,
Will I ever stop wondering what is behind the other door,

How can I fix something that is in so many pieces,
What can heal my hearts open lesions,

Will anyone forgive me for the pain I have given,
What have I done to deserve the life I am liven,

Life is so detached living with a broken heart
Living each day while I am falling apart

Will tomorrow bring sun or will it bring rain
From telling my story what will I gain.

Will anyone listen or will they just pass me by
Will they hear my story or just my cry

Does anyone know how to fix a broken heart
Will there by love again and if so when will it start

Can you help me find ME again
If so let me know where and when.

I am not here to trouble you or make your life a disarray
Just trying to hold onto the friends that are willing to stay.

Remembering the good times does not seem to work
They seem like a commodity and not really a perk.

I am looking for you to listen and not judge me one bit
I have had enough sorrow that your judgment is a like a hit

I may seem needy but I don't need your tears
I need the promise of your friendship for years

This is my story straight from my heart
This is my life falling apart

Thank you for submitting this poem Nicole. Nicole has been married for five years and is recently separated from her husband. If you have any thoughts on this heartbreaking poem feel free to leave some comments.

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