The World Doesn't Stop For Your Broken Heart

Broken Heart Poems
The World Doesn't Stop For Your Broken Heart

The world is filled with broken hearts,
In poems, books, songs, and endless tears,
In operas, ballets, movies and artwork, too,
It’s been that way for eons of years.

How many lovers die of broken hearts?
How many wounded sisters and brothers?
How many dysfunctional families wither?
How many fallen soldiers’ weeping mothers?

How many fathers die of broken hearts?
How many husbands and wives betrayed?
How many, O Lord, how many, many more
Wake up each morning, broken and afraid?

It is said that Jesus died of a broken heart,-
A Roman soldier standing guard at his post
Drove a spear into His side and drew blood and water,
For He had bowed His head and given up the ghost.

The soldiers did not break His legs to hasten his death,
But His rather quick end vexed the Romans there;
They did not know that He had died of a broken heart,
So hard their own hearts, for what reason should they care?

Not much has changed in all the time since then;
Singers still sing of broken hearts and of lost love;
People simply don’t care, and that’s a fact of life,-
Only God, Jesus, and the angels in heaven above.

So my broken hearted friends get used to the idea:
No one cares about your shattered heart as you weep;
The world is not going to stop for your broken heart:
It will let you die by crying yourself into eternal sleep.

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