When We Kiss - Romance Poems

When we Kiss...

When we kiss, It is total bliss.
We touch and it is magic in the air.
When we embrace, we look into one another's eyes, and fall in love
all over again.

Our sweet romance, is something to write about in novels.
We are the perfect couple and no one can tear us apart and leave us,
with a broken heart.
We are never going to leave one another, and always be in love we shall, for all eternity.

You bring me sweet serenity and the passion between us is awesome and so powerful.
There shall never be another like you and you know that no one shall ever take your place.
You're worth loving and worth being true to.

I feel you will always be my one and only guy, and you never cheat on me or lie, to me.
This much I do know.
Together we have grown into a golden flower, and the rainbow that is above it, prooves we are meant to be together forever.

The ocean we been through is so calm like our love is, calm.
We go places and see new things.
The trees we escape into or into a nearby cave..and we are in love, so wonderful and so true.
I feel the breeze and makes me think of you.

I dream of us riding on horses, that take us far away from reality, into a dream world, one that is magical and beautiful.
I feel your soft touch, your kiss on my lips, my rosy cheeks they are when you whisper sweet nothings into my ear, but really the words are sweet somethings.

You make me feel like a woman and I make you feel like a man.
You seem to understand me and my needs.
You are also my dearest friend.
I will never go far away nor abandon our love and sweet romance.

You are my dream come to Life and one day, I may become your wedded wife.
Forever, we shall be lovers, in a new futuristic time and I will always want you by my side.
No need to hide my sweet feelings from you my prince.
Together, will remain in love, and above all this, We shall be one anothers' soul mate.
We have the Greatest love of all time!

Written by Melanie Miller

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