What Happened To Us? Poem

Relationship Poetry - Broken HeartTo find someone like you

I call it a fate......
Maybe chance.....
Or is it luck?
No wait I know it's a miracle!

Someone whose been there through all my highs and all time lows.
A friend whose held my hand and told me to hold on to my dreams and
never let them go.
A friend that said "niggah keep your head way up high don't you ever
let me see you cry".

A friend that followed me to the end of the road and when it split he
never departed/
And when all odds were against us there we were laughing it off
And when the world brought us down we said fuck it all and we'd escape
the pain if even for a moment, a second, a day!

A friend like you is irreplaceable.
And so hard to find
And now this emptiness fills your eyes
And your cheeks become cold
And your breathing has stopped
And your heart loses the sync to mine
And you have ceased to exist in my world.

In my heart is where you'll always belong.
In my mind I have your smile and all those broken promises.
And all those times that we talked on the phone,
And all those times I tried so hard not to laugh.

I just cant seem to make you happy
I just can't stop myself from hurting you
And you do the same to me
And now look at us were both in pain.

What happened to us!?
What happened to we!?
All that's left is you and me!

Broken Heart poem written by,


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