How can I show you that I love you?

 How can I show you that I love you?
I saw you shouting,
Throwing things around because you were angry
I felt the pain when you kicked, pinched and shook me aggressively,
But what hurts the most is that I made you angry.

I wrote you a letter but you didn't even look at it, you threw it away
I wanted to say I'm sorry for making you angry, I love you as my mother,
But then I realized you did not look at my letter because you cannot read
I can't tell you how much I love you because I can not speak.

Written by Thuli


Thanks Thuli. You mentioned that you felt the pain when he kicked, pinched and shook you aggressively? Nobody should do that to you. Hope you stay away from this guy. How can he love you if he treats you this way? Hopefully you will realize this and find someone better in the future.

If anybody has any advice for Thuli, please leave a comment.

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