Poems Are Words That Describe Your Soul

Poems Are Words That Describe Your Soul

Poems are words that describe what you feel at the very core of your
Poems are the words your afraid escape through your lips that leave
your heart with some holes!

Poems are the words that you wish you could be!
Poems are my hope for a brand new day...
Poems give me the courage to say what I feel before I explode and help
me keep it real!

And yet...
Poems are lies that people write to cover up pain!
Poems are the words written on paper that claim to be things they're

Poem are the things that bring sadness to my heart and break it in two
But in the end poems are just words that stay on a piece of paper that
destroy lives and keep secrets

Poems are the things that keep your soul empty and give you false hope
Poems are just words written that we don't have the
courage to say
And right now I'm being a hippocrite cause look at me sitting here
writing this poem!

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