Loneliness Poems - Why Am I So Lonely?

Why am I so lonely?

Aloof and distant
I'm Aware of sound, but pay no attention.
There are no words meant for me,
Alone, in a sea of depression.

I can hear the laughter coming from a distance,
But inside I can only cry.
Is there anyone out there for me?
Will I be alone until the day that I die?

I watch people holding hands as they walk down the street,
They look into each others eyes and smile.
I walk alone with my hands clenched together,
Waiting for the day, that someone will enter my life and make it all worthwhile.

Why am I so lonely?
Is there another lonely soul out there looking for me?
How will I find my elusive love?
How will I know, and when will it be?

Written by Jeff S


I wrote this poem the other day, while I was up late on the computer. It was about two o'clock in the morning, I couldn't sleep and loneliness set it. Does any other single people out there feel this way sometimes? I wish I could find my best friend, but for whatever reason love seems to evade me. Any comments?

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