"It wasn't a choice"
Feeling hurt, isn’t a choice, 
Nor is it a life style…. 
More like something forced
Upon you, like life.

As I get elderly I seem to notice a lot more
Things that I wouldn’t have when I was young.

Simple items of slowly inevitable terror......sorrow.
You wish to recite it as. I can’t believe that I actually let those
Horrible events take place.
Did I ever have any control?

Your soul is a hardened shell,
A shell that with holds all of your anger inside.
You make sure no one cracks your shell.
You just don’t want to believe how fragile you truly are.

Like myself, my heart is no longer as strong as it used to be.
The constant breaking, tearing, and torture. 
If I was as strong as I once was, I would
Of cracked your shell in an instant. 
No holding back and no stopping to breath.

It’s sad really, you need me, but you just don’t want to accept it. 
It’s truly a shame how you can’t let someone love you, for now you have to go on without something you NEED.
It’s like having diabetes and trying to walk around without your insulin. 
But hey, your loss, I have my own insulin.

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