Is Potassium Iodine, Iodide Safe To Take For Radiation Exposure, Sickness?

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Is Potassium Iodine / Iodide Safe To Take In Case of Radiation Exposure and in case of Radiation Sickness?

The New York Health department has stated that  in case of radiation exposure people should take a drug (Pottassium Iodide)(KI) to help protect from thyroid cancer. (Your thyroid gland absorbs radiation and pottasium iodine helps prevent this).

What is potassium iodide? 

During radiation emergencies (like what has happened in Japan) at a nuclear facility radioiodine is released into the air (radio active iodine). Your thyroid absorbs iodine very quickly because it is needed to produce thyroid hormones. The problem is that the thyroid gland can't tell the difference between radioactive iodine and non radioactive iodine. when you take potassium Iodine (Iodide) tablets, drops, or pills in capsule form, your thyroid gland absorbs the safe non radioactive iodine until it is full (one dose of an 130mcg iodine tablet will give you protection for 24 hours) and will not absorb the harmful radioactive iodine.

How do I know if I should take potassium iodine?

Your local health department should let you know when you should start taking iodine to prevent radiations sickness and limit exposure. It's important that you have iodide tablets on hand in case radiation exposure may be a concern. The good news is that it is very affordable (only around 6 dollars a bottle).

Can you have allergic reactions to potassium iodine?

Most people in general who have taken potassium iodine don't experience any side effects. The few that did, the effects were minor and short lasting. The side effects were stomach discomfort with a few cases of people developing a rash. The federal government believes that the benefits of taking iodine far outweighs the risks in cases of radiation exposure.

How much potassium iodine should you take?

Potassium iodide comes in 65 and 130 mg tablets. The New York State health commissioner says that in an emergency is is safe for children under 12 to take the 65 mg pill. If you only have a 130 mg tablet you should break the tablet in half. You can also crush the pill for smaller doses. here is the breakdown of how much iodine you should take to help prevent radiation sickness.
  • Adults over the age of 18 - 130 mg
  • Over 12-18 and over 150 lbs - 130 mg
  • Between 12-18 under 150 lbs - 65 mg
  • 3-12 years - 65 mg
  • 1 month - 3 years - 32 mg
  • Birth - 1 month - 16 mg
How often should you take potassium iodine?

Each dose is effective for 24 hours. You should take one pill a day until the health department says it is no longer necessary.

Does Potassium Iodide come in pill or liquid form?

You can buy Potassium Iodine pills, capsules, tablets, or in liquid drops form.

How long of shelf life do the pills and drops have?

Manufacturers say that the pills are good for 5-7 years, but considering that each bottle only costs between 6 and 12 dollars (depending on the size of the bottle), you may want to consider having a fresh supply each year.

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