Order Iodine Pills, Drops, and Tablets For Radiation Poisoning

Order Iodine Pills, Drops and Tablets to help prevent Radiation Poisoning, Iodide

Kelp-Iodine 225MCG - 1000 Tablets, or Drops - Protection Against Radiation Poisoning

Order 225 MCG Iodine Pills, Tablets, and Drops (Enough MCG's (Micrograms) to give you some protection against Radiation Poisoning / Exposure

Potassium Iodine may be our only defense against radiation poisoning and exposure. Keep your family as safe as humanly possible by having a bottle or two of iodine tablets in your home. In case of an emergency, iodine supplementation can keep your thyroid gland from absorbing deadly radiation.

The Tsunami that hit Japan and damaged a nuclear plant, opened up our eyes about how fragile our world really is. Every family in the world should have an emergency kit that includes Potassium Iodine / Iodide tablets or drops. A bottle of 60 tablets cost in the 5-6 dollar range.  That's a small price to pay for peace of mind!

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