Poems About Alcohol

Alcohol are problems in many relationships. If you
have suffered from a broken heart, lost the love of your
life, have had painful relationships, and written poems
about it, please send me your poetry to be published online
to: heartloveaffair@yahoo.com


For every smile that you have given me
You have selfishly taken two tears back

For every time I have laughed in your presence
You have made me cry and feel alone

Alcohol, you give me the confidence to "act a fool"
Yet your nowhere to be found when I do

Courage is the trait that you can lend
Yet your a cowardly lion afraid to show your hand

I pray that you leave me before I die
Your not welcome here. Why won't you listen?

Jeff S

P.S. To have your poem published online please send them to heartloveaffair@yahoo.com

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