Regret, Pain, and Mourning Poems

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Feelings Of Mournful Regret Poems

In a world far from perfect.
I seem to fit right in.
Pain, love, hurt, and sadness.
When does the joy and happiness begin?

Feelings from afar,
Yet too close too touch.
Dying in a pool of dismay,
When I want to scream life.

I have been loved, and I have loved.
Those were sweet, fleeting moments of bliss.
Knowing that wherever you may roam,
For someone your presence will be missed.

Too many mournful yesterdays,
Have put my anticipating tomorrows in doubt.
Crying in tears of shameless regret,
The future lies in a shadow of doubt.

Inside I want to watch the new sun rise,
Yet I can only breath beneath the moon.
Maybe one day I can step outside of the shadows,
That leaves my soul sheltered in a cocoon.


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