Letting Go

A Beautiful Poem About Letting Go
written by Tracey Fletcher


Searching for answers that are clear to see
Our life of love starts to slip from me
Try as I might to hold onto the past
Its time for our love to be released at last

No longer can I have my heart open wide
The ache is unbearable when you come to my side
I know in my heart we are not meant to be
Therefore it hurts when you insist on loving me

The fear in my heart matches the tears in my eyes
The rules have now changed and its time for goodbyes
Difficult I know to let go of a love so strong
But we do not need this to feel we belong

Friendship is what I need from you my friend
Based on respect and honesty right to the end
For you to value me forever in your life
But not as a lover, confidant or wife

A distance is needed between you and I
To ensure I no longer have many tears to cry
To feel happy for your future is what I long to feel
Yet emotions I feel shouldn't be part of the deal

So in my heart you will always remain
I need to bring sunshine out of this pain
For our children never be too far away
In their lives you are here and always to stay

Reaching deep inside I see a light burning bright
Something more for me is well within sight
I thankyou for all you have ever given me
But its time to let go and let me be all I can be


Beautiful Poem About Letting Go Of Love

Written By,

'Tracey M Fletcher'

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